Collection and Delivery

We offer a free collection and delivery service within the local area

and within the Newport area.


We offer 3 types of


Mini Service from £54.99

Medium Service from


Full Service From £149.99


• Safety check• Oil check

• Filter check

• Spark plugs

• All engine servicing and repairs

• Body work

• Engine diagnostics

• Timing belts

• Water pumps

• Brakes • Exhausts

• Clutches • CD fitting

• Amp and Sub wiring

• Engine changes

Tyres & Tracking


plus many more general


MOT Work

We can take vehicles for MOT for £75 this includes the £55 MOT Fee and £20 for us to take

the vehicle.

We do all MOT failure work and ensure we get the vehicle for a retest within the 10 days.

Please note: Law on MOT has now changed, you are no longer permitted to drive a vehicle

after it has failed MOT even if the old MOT is still valid.

Tracking & Tyres

Please contact us for a price on tyres. Tyres are priced on Tyre size.  Tracking is £25 or free with

the purchase of 4 Tyres